Born in Estonia when it was still occupied by Russia, I grew up with a questioning mind and, as a teenager, got hooked up with local punks who rebelled against the inner and outer laws laid upon us by authorities and ourselves. Wanting to bring change to society, i then studied pre-school education and psychology and worked with children in various settings for 6 years.

Until I was given a ticket to the first Dances of Universal Peace camp in Latvia in 1995. I knew from the very first dance session that I wanted to go back to Estonia and share these with my friends. I kept writing down the dances we’d done during the week and at the end of the camp asked James Burgess (who was holding the camp) to sing some melodies for me onto a tape recorder. He said: “sure, make me a list.”  Little did he know that I had written down every single dance of the week, fifty six in total. He decided to dedicate a whole session to singing them all… And I went back to Estonia and started a weekly dance group.

That was the beginning of a miraculous journey of change, transformation and learning. I came to the UK in 1996, deeply emerging myself in the studies of Sufism, DUP, astrology, guitar playing and - of course - English language. My initiation was thorough and transforming, with a number of retreats (on outer planes) and series of dreams (on inner planes) that shook up my reality and eventually led me to taking Bayat with Murshid Saadi in 1998. 

After becoming a certified dance leader in 1997, I moved to Findhorn in Scotland where I lived for 10 years, gave birth to two daughters, run sacred journeys and pilgrimages to Nepal, Tibet and India and co-founded Shambala Retreat Centre. During this time I was intensely involved with Tibetan Buddhist studies and practices, mainly taught by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Lama Lhundrup of Kopan Monastery in Nepal.

In 2001 I initiated the Estonian Dance Camp, and I still travel to Estonia every summer. I am also regularly teaching in the Sacred Arts camp in England and love the evolving family of dancers. In 2012 I gave birth to the first family Sufi camp in the UK - Dervish Days. This is an international family oriented camp which offers in depth Sufi teachings as well as easily accessible dances and creative activities to all levels of interest.

My journey on the Sufi path is now held by Pir Shabda Kahn. Since 2006 I have guided Seekers and Lovers on the path of Sufism and in 2016 Pir Shabda initiated me as a Sheikha on this path. I also serve as a mentor for Dances of Universal Peace and as a vice-president of the DUP International Board of Directors.

For the last few years I have lived in a small cottage on top of a hill, with stunning views of the valleys and hills of Southern Scotland from my windows, with my two girls Iona and Alana Maya.  Now, in a process of change I am adopting a more nomadic lifestyle, spending about half a year in Europe and the other half in New Zealand, focusing on the journey of my heart through being in a relationship with my love Karl.