About me

I was born in Russian occupied Estonia, and grew up through the non-violent Singing Revolution that brought freedom to Estonia. I studied education and psychology, and have worked with children and young people in various settings ever since.

In 1995, after a violent separation from my first husband, I was gifted a ticket to the first Dances of Universal Peace camp in Latvia. This was the beginning of miraculous unfolding of my soul, transformation and opening of my heart, discovering and experiencing wild sense of joy and ecstasy in my being – the integration of which is still ongoing today.

From the very first dance session I participated in, I knew I wanted to go back to Estonia and share these dances with my friends. I kept writing down the dances we’d done during the week, and at the end of the camp asked James Burgess (who was holding the camp) to sing some melodies for me onto a tape recorder. He said: “sure, make me a list.”  Little did he know that I had written down every single dance of the week, fifty six in total. He decided to dedicate a whole session to singing them all… And I went back to Estonia and started a weekly dance group.

Dances in Estonia

In 1996 I hitchiked to the UK to get to the Peace Through the Arts camp (now Sacred Arts Camp), and found all the doors flying open inside and infront of me. Invitations to other dance camps, events, and to the hearts and homes of my new ‘family’, were filling me with constant sense of awe and gratitude. I made a momentous decision to stay, and for the next year and half found myself deeply immersed in the studies of Sufism, DUP, astrology, guitar playing and – of course – English language.

My initiation was thorough and transforming – i went on silent sufi retreats with James, complemented by trainings, retreats and events led by Murshid Saadi, Tansen, Amida and others. My inner world and my dreams began guiding my day-to-day life, and in 1998 i took Bayat (received my first formal Sufi initiation) with Murshid Saadi. In 2006 I received a blessing from Saadi, to guide Seekers and Lovers on the path of Sufism.

After becoming a certified dance leader in 1997, I moved to Findhorn in Scotland where I lived for 10 years, gave birth to two daughters, run sacred journeys and pilgrimages to Nepal, Tibet and India and co-founded Shambala Retreat Centre. During this time I was intensely involved with Tibetan Buddhist studies and practices, mainly taught by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Lama Lhundrup of Kopan Monastery in Nepal. I feel privileged to still enjoy the friendship of Buddhist nuns and other precious spiritual friends from that time.

In 2001 I initiated the Estonian Dance Camp, and I still try to travel to Estonia as often as i can. I have taught in the Sacred Arts Camp and in Unicorn Dancing Spirit Camp as well as the Unicorn Youth Camp in England for many years and still love the buzz of the camp family gathering together every year. In 2012 I gave birth to the first family Sufi camp in the UK – Dervish Days. This has been an international family oriented camp, unique in its offerings of in-depth Sufi teachings combined with child-oriented activities and family atmosphere.

The last years have seen me travelling more widely, leading retreats and dance events all around the world. I have taught in Latvian Dance Camp, French Dance Camp, Czech Dance Camp, Dance Camp Aotearoa, the Middle Eastern Dance Camp in Turkey, at the Hazrat Inayat Khan’s Dargah in India, and in Mendocino Sufi camp in the USA. I also serve as a mentor for Dances of Universal Peace and as a vice-president of the DUP International Board of Directors.

Here I am with my beloved Murshid, Guide and Friend Pir Shabda. I met him first in my dreams about 20 years ago, and then in person in 2002. Finally in 2008 I made our connection formal and in 2016 he initiated me as a Sheikha, empowering me to continue working with mureeds and other seekers of the heart. This deep calling has manifested a intimate close connection with my mureeds, and constantly stretches me to go beyond my current limitations in order to serve them and all beings more fully.

After living in Southern Scotland hills with my girls for about ten years, a strong sense of an imminent bigger change took root in my heart. And, in Sacred Arts camp 2017 I met Karl, who brought a whirlwind of changes into every aspect of my life.

Since then Wren, my older daughter, has moved out to start their own independent life, my two jobs with children and young people folded up, I entered into a relationship with Karl, and moved away from Scotland. I now reside in a house truck in New Zealand for part of the year, and in a canal boat in England for the rest.

I am home-schooling my younger daughter Alana, as well as navigating the path of love, seeing Karl as my mirror in all the many intimate and mundane ways.